Advanced Auto Extrication

Advanced Auto Extrication

This curriculum presents the student with more complex and dynamic hands-on scenarios requiring advanced stabilization and progressive methods of disentanglement and extrication.  The students will be able to recognize hazards, use equipment and implement techniques necessary to operate safely and effectively at incidents involving persons injured or entrapped in a vehicle or machinery emergencies. The students will be rotating through several scenarios to demonstrate the following:

  • The use of Hand, Hydraulic, and Pneumatic tools in a 4 PIT rotation to include Over-Ride, Under-Ride, Lifting, Extreme Advanced and Extrication Scenarios.
  • Basic and Advanced Stabilization.
  • Size up existing and potential conditions at vehicle and machinery search and rescue incidents.
  • Identify probable victim locations and survivability.
  • Make the search and rescue area safe, including the stabilization and isolation of all vehicles or machinery involved.
  • Identify, contain, and stop fuel releases.
  • Protect victims during extrication or disentanglement.
  • Access victims trapped in a vehicle or machinery.
  • Perform extrication and disentanglement operations involving packaging, treating, and removing victims trapped in vehicles or machinery through the use of hand and power tools.

NFPA 1001, 1006, 1670

Drill Time:

8 Hours