Conflict Solutions for the Fire Service

Conflict Solutions for the Fire Service Course

Who is the Workshop for?
This two-day class targets firefighters and officers of all ranks who desire to become more proficient at leading their workforce by resolving and solving conflicts and workplace issues successfully.

What Training will you recieve in this course?
The class consists of three highly interactive, hands on modules that focuses on the participants practicing making realistic conflict resolution decisions using ethical and department standards.

What will you get out of this workshop?
Participants will acquire effective tools for successful conflict solution and problem solving for simple to complex employee issues. A variety of situations will challenge the participants to define their leadership skills in terms of ethical decision-making and apply new skills through hands-on practice to become more confident officers and firefighters.


First module, "Fast Attack Strategy"

This module is designed for incipient conflicts that need to be solved immediately: situations that need to be handled without delay in order to resolve and correct poor behavior. “Fast Attack Strategy” prepares participants to respond to uncomfortable or inappropriate behavioral issues in a clear and concise manner. Participants are given a simple, effective ‘solution’ approach to practice a wide variety of scenarios to gain confidence using the methodology taught. Diverse and relevant issues will be discussed openly and honestly in small groups and as a class to come to consensus on how a master craftsperson would handle these incipient personnel matters.


Second module, "1st Alarm Strategy"

This module teaches a step-by-step problem-solving model which emphasizes the need to have an organized plan when dealing with more complex issues. Coaching and counseling tips as well as ways to deal with potential disciplinary issues are discussed. Participants are placed into groups to analyze and solve employee problems in a systematic manner and then implement successful conflict resolution strategies. The entire class reviews each scenario so that consistent and department specific decision-making can be emphasized.


Third module, "2nd Alarm Strategy"

In this module, participants practice role-play scenarios designed to incorporate all the problem solving and resolution components into realistic scenarios (similar to assessment center exercises). Participants rotate through different positions from the officer/firefighter handling the issue, the role player(s), and participate as scenario ‘evaluators’. The 2nd Alarm problems allow real time practice and experience with a wide variety of personnel issues so everyone is engaged and learning new skills that can be utilized throughout their careers.

Presented By

Katherine Ridenhour