Fire Instructor I and II

Fire Instructor i and ii Course

“Stop putting students asleep.” This IFSAC-based class, taught by BC Adam Rosenlund, is a dynamic course that will explore the techniques needed to inspire and educate students. This course will focus on the presentation skills that new instructors need in delivering prepared lesson plans. Topics will include preparing to teach, developing presentation skills, using audiovisual equipment, and identifying lesson objectives, questions, tests, and evaluation instruments. Students will make six presentations during the course.  These sessions provide highly focused practice and feedback that will leave you with tangible skills you can use immediately.

What Training will you recieve in this course?

This course introduces instructors in the fire service to instructional methodology. Topics to be covered include training objectives, lesson plans, methods of instruction, concepts of adult learning, testing, and evaluation. Participants will work with lesson plans and make presentations to the class. This course meets the objectives of NFPA 1041: Fire Service Instructor Professional Qualifications Level I.

Students need to arrive with the following manual: Fire and Emergency Services Instructor, 9th Edition. It is advisable to review the first three (3) chapters before the first day of class.