Leadership Action Planning

Leadership Action Planning Course

A Personal Guide to Developing Your Own Leadership Skills
Have you taken leadership classes where you left feeling inspired, motivated and ready to make changes at work or home only to find that you did not have the skills to make it happen? If so, you are like many others who were enthused, but not provided the tools to take action to redefine or improve their personal performance. Often times, we learn new ideas we want to implement, but once we get back home, we may find we don’t recall everything we learned but mostly, we don’t have a roadmap on how to get there.

What training will you recieve in this workshop?

In this class, participants will explore and define leadership traits and actions that they can improve in themselves and learn how to develop the road map to get there. They will rediscover their own commitment to personal growth through their very own personal and specific Leadership Action Plan complete with goals and objectives that they can apply when they get back to work or home.

This productive workshop will help participants identify and capitalize on their unique qualities and understand how they can make real life self-improvements. The class is intended to be a journey of commitment to self-development. During class we will deal with various characteristics and traits of leadership and defining exactly how each individual can improve their own specific skills.

For each leadership trait or skill, participants are given individual Goal Sheets that outline the Goal, Action Steps and Date to be Completed, Who Is Involved and Actions Necessary for Success. Participants fill out their individual Leadership Action Plan and place it in their individual folder. The class also has pertinent exercises and discussion with a strong focus on identifying and achieving personal leadership goals.

What will you get out of this workshop?
Leadership traits we will explore are Risk Taking, Time Management, Giving Praise, Accountability, Gratitude, Taking a Courageous Stand, Commit to Safety, Increasing Competence and more. At the end of class, each person will have created a complete step-by-step guide or Action Plan on how to increase their leadership qualities with a clear path on how to achieve the goals they created.


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Katherine Ridenhour