Maritime Incident Command for Land-Based Shipboard Fire Departments

Maritime Incident Command for Land-Based Shipboard Fire Departments

This course will provide experienced fire officers with knowledge allowing them to command a ship fire incident involving a large vessel tied to a pier/dock.

Critical command topics covered will include:

Implementing a NIMS-compliant command structure for ship fire incidents. Implementing a risk-based decision-making model (Value, Time, Size). How to properly set up on-hull and off-hull communications to the best advantage. Coordination with the ship’s crew and port personnel. Accountability and cycling of firefighting crews during a ship fire. Realistically assessing the training and competence of your shipboard firefighting force. Pre-planning for vessel fires.

In addition, the following topics will be covered at a basic-to-medium level to provide knowledge and familiarity:

Vessel Fire Control Plans, Vessel Access, Reconnaissance, Rescue & RIT, Exposure Protection, Fire Attack Methods, Ventilation, Shipboard fire containment and extinguishment systems, Vessel compartmentation.

Case reviews of actual ship fire incidents and multiple ship fire scenarios for class
participants can be added to this training if so desired by the hosting agency.