Passport Accountability —


Passport Accountability – Train the Trainer Course

Who is this course for?
This train the trainer multi-media workshop is designed to prepare fire service instructors to deliver the lesson plan for the “Passport Accountability System” to fire service officers responsible for emergency incident management. The class is delivered using slides, video, and a tabletop simulator. Students work in small and large groups as they learn to use the lesson plan.

What training will you recieive in this class?
All students participate in activities that help them prepare to deliver the passport accountability lesson plan while improving their instructional skills. The classroom exercises include training in ICS management and fire ground communication skills as well as work with a communication model designed to reduce confusion and errors at the emergency scene. Working in large and small groups, students examine fire ground case studies and investigate the various types of accountability systems.

What will you get out of this workshop?
The class provides a rewarding, highly interactive environment where students reinforce their own skills and learn from the instructor as well as the other students. Students rate the instruction and training as extremely valuable for implementing an accountability system within their department.

Presented By

Stewart Rose
Mark Emery
Bret Stohr